what is a2?
a2 stands for alina affirmations

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Alina and Keith

I know, you are thinking - alina affirmations, seriously? We need an affirmation website like we need... please fill in the blank...

Before you decide...here’s my backstory...

In 2007 I worked at the NBC affiliate WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. That year I received a pack of Hallmark cards with inspirational sayings on one side and pretty images on the other. Well, as fate would have it - at the end of 2007 I was laid off from TV 3 after working there for 15 years. I had really enjoyed my public relations media work and was truthfully kinda sad.

I really wasn’t out of work for long because at the start of 2008 I began a job at The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland and every morning I would take out my pack of inspirational cards and read one. I started to collect inspirations from a variety of other places. Throughout my life I guess I always looked for and collected wise words, sayings and quotes that inspired and motivated me.

So anyway, a2 really began when my husband, the dreamboat (that’s another story) – he’s always striving for balance in his busy life asked me if I’d email those inspirational sayings to him, so I did. See, he’s way to busy to read any books or do anything other than take a few seconds to get a very quick email...that’s what makes a2 so very easy...he could just read it and delete it.

Soon my friends and former TV colleagues asked if I would email them a2. I sent them to my sisters, nieces and nephews and soon the word spread and spread and spread and I now have over 250 people who get a2.

Then I thought – wow this could be an awesome business. So I decided to create geta2.com to get even more people. And to be completely honest, I thought geta2.com could be my million dollar retirement idea. I could turn my hobby into a cottage email industry and that’s when geta2.com was born. I’d charge a $1 a year per email address with my ultimate goal to get 1,000,000 a2 emails renewing each year.

Now even if I don’t reach that 1,000,000, I’ll keep sending a2 anyway. It has proven to be rewarding to me and to those who get a2 and is a great value proposition.

These quick words can give just the right start to any day and in today’s uber-busy world a bit of positive psychology can be your tipping point. So, that’s my story, that’s what a2 are, and that’s how geta2.com started.

Thanks for reading all this and hopefully thanks for getting a2!


Alina, a2 creator

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